Long-distance itineraries

Different long-distance itineraries cross the Alt Urgell region. They are routes with different themes and interests, and we encourage you to explore them in full or in the stages that go through our region. It is said that there is no better way to know the territory than to walk it!

We also have “4 senders de Gran Recorregut” long distance paths that pass through the region. They are the GR-1 that passes through the municipality of Oliana, the GR-7 that crosses the municipalities of Valls de Valira, Seu d’Urgell and Josa-Tuixent, the GR-150 that runs through the municipalities of la Vansa-Fórnols , la Seu d’Urgell and Cava and the GR-107.3 that passes through the municipality of Josa-Tuixent.