Itinerary 14: Ars - Ras de Conques Shelter

The village of Ars, presided by the Romanesque bell tower of the circular section of the church of Sant Martí, is the starting point of this route. From the high part of the village we take a path, which climbs quickly and allows magnificent views of the valley of Sant Joan. Les Bordes del Ras (typical ranchers’ houses) welcome the Ras de Conques or Ras d'Ars, an extensive array of pastures where the herds of nearby villages still graze. If we want to do so, we can take a break in the Shelter of Ras de Conques to return by the same road to the village of Ars.


Very demanding

Departing from the high part of the village

8,8 km
+610 m



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