Itinerary 21: From Organyà to Les Basses de Fontanet

We leave Organyà from the Square of Homilies and head southwards, towards the hostel of Organyà. A few meters away, we take a wide and passable track that plans to find the Fontanet river. From here, we continue along the path marked with yellow signs until reaching the torrent and the Fontanet rafts, which collect water from the Bordonera fountain. This natural space is used as a bathing area in the summer and also for canyoning. The pools are three meters deep, with constantly renewed water. To return, we leave the ponds on the left and go up the hill, from where we will have a good view of Organyà.




Departing from the square of Homilies

4,7 km
+212 m



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