Itinerary 30: Heritage route

The village of Ogern, located on the right bank of the Ribera Salada, retains a remarkable heritage formed by the old fortified houses of “ca l'Isidro” and “Cal Ganyet”, and the Ogern bridge, built in the 18th century and which was recently restored. The proposed route starts at the village square and goes northwards along the Camí de Comardons (Comardons path) to the Romanesque church of Sant Serni de la Salsa, built in the 11th century next to an earlier necropolis, with anthropomorphic tombs excavated in the rock and still visible nowadays. Once back in the village of Ogern, the route follows the ral path, across the road from Solsona to Bassella, and reaches the Ogern bridge and the so-called Ogern beach, a very recreational area frequented in the summer.



Sortida pl. del poble
6,5 km
+382 m



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