Itinerary 13: Tour in the forests of St. Joan de l'Erm

You leave from the refuge of La Basseta and head southwards on a path that leads to the Serrat de la Culla. You climb the Bony de la Culla (1,931m) and then start a gentle descent to the Coll de la Culla (Culla hill). From here you will be hiking below the coast of Roca Senyada and La Rasa, on foot between Alt Urgell and Pallars Sobirà. You continue north to reach Sant Joan de l'Erm Vell. At this point, you turn right facing east by the slopes of the Serrat de l’Oratori and from there, bordering first the cliff of la Basseta and then the Forral, you will arrive again at the Refuge of la Basseta, the beginning of this route. Apart from the magnificent surroundings that favor the forests of Sant Joan de l'Erm, the route will allow you to witness the ruins loaded with the history of the primitive sanctuary.


St. Joan de l'Erm

Leaving from la Basseta

10 km
+480 m



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