Itinerary 4: The path of Boscalt, from Ansovell to Boscalt


The route starts at Canaleta d’Ansovell street, and goes up the old Canaleta fountain, passing between the Ansovell fields until reaching the Coll de Boscalt (Boscalt pass). Throughout this stretch you can enjoy the magnificent views of Cava on the other side of the valley. From the Coll de Boscalt, following the track, you will reach the sanctuary, already built in the 13th century and, probably, a place of worship prior to Christianization. To the north of the church, in the middle of a meadow, there is Boix de Boscalt, a singular, large shrub, which is one of the oldest in the Pyrenees, perhaps more than 500 years. In Boscalt there was once a hostel, a stop at the Cardoner or Sal road, from which Cardona Salt was distributed throughout the region of Cerdanya.



Leaving from the Canaleta Street

2,9 km
+190 m



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