Itinerary 22: Return to Cabó by the Borda

The route starts at the new church of Sant Serni de Cabó, an interesting manifestation of contemporary religious architecture in the Alt Urgell region, designed by the architect Josep Danès in 1950. It is necessary to continue little less of one kilometer to the south, until you reach the masia of cal Simó (farmhouse of Simó), from where we will continue climbing the track in a southeast direction, below the peak of the Maçanes. Once past the torrent of the Llau del Reguer you reach the highest point of the route, which, if we continue straight, would take us to Organyà. Instead of that, we take the turn to the left and, after passing through La Borda (typical Pyrenean construction), we will reach another crossroads. To the right, we would reach the village of Vilar de Cabó; If we turn left we will return to the village of Cabó.




Departing from the church

3,9 km
+158 m



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