Itinerary 16: Noves de Segre - Argestues - Plaça de Sant Quiri

The route begins at the center of the village of Noves de Segre and goes largely through the so-called Camí Vell de les Valls d'Aguilar (old path of The Valley of Aguilar). We head towards the village of Argestues along the road and, after about 1.5 km, we will find a signposted yellow crossing on the left. You have to take it and follow the path until you reach Argestues through the middle of oak groves and through the torrents. Leaving Argestes, the next destination is the village of Berén, a high nucleus from where you can see good views over the entire valley. Following the signposting and the yellow marks of the Camí Vell de les Valls d'Aguilar we will arrive at the turning that leads to the hermitage of Sant Quiri, and then we will find a new turnoff to the left that goes into a pine forest and leads to plowed fields where the vertical route of Sant Quiri passes. At this point, you will have to take the descent path to Noves. 


Very demanding
Noves de Segre

Departing from the center of the village

13,2 km
+1.095 m



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