Itinerary 23: Stroll through coll Piquer

A pleasant and short route through the surroundings of the village of Coll de Nargó that runs through pretty interesting places, such as Roc Roi, La Portella or Coll Piquer, and allows you to contemplate extensive panoramic views of the surroundings, especially those that extend towards the east on the river Segre and the valley of Alinyà. The route starts at the Romanesque church of Sant Climent de Campanar with a pre-Romanesque base, goes back along the road of La Roda and Carrer Nou (Nou street) to the Raval (the outskirts), leaving the town through the carrer de la Unió (Unió street) and it arrives at the Roc Roi, a reddish rock with a viewpoint that has a splendid panoramic view over the Oliana reservoir. The path continues towards La Portella and the oblique shadow of Belo. Further on, you will reach a track that leads to Coll Piquer, with its whimsical rock formations in the form of giant statues: they are the Gegants de Coll de Piquer (Coll Piquer Giants). From this point, the path continues southeast until you return to Coll de Nargó.



Coll de Nargó

Departing from the church of St. Climent

3,6 km
+168 m



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