Itinerary 24: Tour by the swamp of Nargó

A short and very interesting excursion that allows you to explore a bit better the banks of the Oliana reservoir near the Coll de Nargó municipality. The route, marked with yellow marks, passes along the swamp, between riverside vegetation that includes willows, poplars, ash trees and holly. The route starts at the Romanesque church of Sant Climent de Nargó, on the road to Isona. You  have to follow this road two hundred meters towards the east, until you find the Camí Ral to our right, which we will have to walk until you reach the national highway. Please cross this route carefully to continue descending to the wide road that reaches the reservoir channel and, from there, continue along the path that borders the right bank of the tail of the Oliana reservoir, until the near Hotel del LLac. From here you will continue along the path parallel to the C-14 till the entrance of the village and cross over to take the Isona road until returning to St. Climent, start and end of the route.




Coll de Nargó

Leaving from the church of St. Climent

4,1 km
+75 m



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