Itinerary 28: Path of the Fountains of Peramola

It is a circular route, about two kilometers long, that allows you to visit some of the nearest fountains to Peramola. The route begins at the laundry area that is at the entrance to the village, just next to the Segla fountain, taking a well-arranged path that goes to the left of the Cortiuda road. After passing the bridge of the torrent of Peramola, you will arrive at a place called "Espai Miquel Martí i Pol", in honor of the poet who spent some time in the village. Nearby is the old waterwheel that used to raise water to the village repository, the fountain of Cristo and the fountain del Poble, from where the water is collected to supply Peramola. Then, the route goes through the fountain of the Caner, the fountain of the Mig and the fountain of the Vila, before returning to the Laundromat.



Very easy

Departing from the Laundromat

1,8 km
+48 m



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