Itinerary 19: Cornellana - Fórnols - Balcanella

It is a circular route that can be started from the main square of Cornellana or Fórnols. The path that passes there goes through the solana del Cadí until reaching the Bacanella pass or coll. Before beginning, you have to think about bringing water, since the Cadi's sunny spot is very dry and there is no fountain on the way. It is a very different route to all those that run along the northern slope of the Cadí mountain range, with softer profiles and vegetation with greater Mediterranean influence, with lavenders, wild boars, holm oaks, pine needles and red pines that will accompany you during the way. Also, you can observe vultures, some bearded vultures, and, in the summer months, even some Egyptian vultures.



Very demanding

Departure from the low part of the village

8,3 km
+721 m



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