Itinerary 29: Corb and Sant Honorat Route

The rocks of Corb and Sant Honorat, located within the municipality of Peramola and formed with conglomerates that remind us of the mountain of Montserrat, are two relatively complex and spectacular orography formations that are relatively unknown. In this circular route, which begins at the Can Boix Hotel, and complements the landscape richness, you will find a series of heritage items of a very unique nature. One of them is the house of the Corb, a house built in a cave, with a mud façade, where they still lived in the early twentieth century. A little further on, at the top of the Roca del Corb, there are the remains of the 11th-century Romanesque church of Sant Salvador, considered one of the smallest in Catalonia in this style. For its part, the Roques de Sant Honorat is crowned by the homonymous chapel, dating back to the 18th century, near some vertiginous cliffs.



Very demanding
Departing from Cal Boix
11,6 km
+838 m



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