Itinerary 6: From Estamariu to Bescaran

The route begins at the Romanesque church of Sant Vicenç d'Estamariu, near the road from Estamariu to Bescaran. In the initial section, the path has a steep slope, with almost 400 meters of positive unevenness that progressively softens to end up in a gentle ascent. The path allows you to contemplate spectacular views of Bescaran and Estamariu and, especially, of the plain of L'Urgellet. It is worth taking a moment to stop and look from time to time to the south, so not to lose any detail. Once you reach Bescaran, and besides a mandatory visit to the village, you can not miss the Sant Martí Romanesque bell tower, located on the outskirts of the village.



Departing from the church of St. Vicenç
8,9 km
+480 m




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