Itinerary 17: From Taús to els Castells

This is an easy excursion that allows us to know the villages of Taus and els Castells, located on a plateau, and with a landscape that is completely different from that of the lower part of the Valls d'Aguilar. The route goes through an old Camí ral, a horseshoe path that gives you an approximate idea of the mobility of the inhabitants of this territory until the sixties. The route begins at the Taús square, near the parish church of Sant Julià. The yellow marks indicate that the itinerary is signposted. From Taús, the route continues towards the Font Vella (old Fountain) and from there towards the LLau de Canarill. From this point, we continue to the Coll de la Cirera and plan to the river of the Castells. Once crossed the river, we head towards the village of Els Castells, which will surprise us by the disposition of their houses, afflicted on the slope of the mountain and at the top, dominating the village, the church of Mare de Déu de l’Assumpció.




Leaving from the low part of the village

5,2 km
+230 m



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